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An on/off switch for the Atlantic's currents The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation carries warm water from the tropics into the North Atlantic (in red), where the water cools and sinks before flowing back south (in blue). When the AMOC is flowing quickly, western Europe enjoys a wet and warm climate. Scientists have likened the system to a conveyor belt: Once warmer water reaches the area around the UK, it cools and sinks to the bottom of the Labrador and Nordic Seas. Then that cold water makes a U-turn and snakes along the ocean floor, down to Antarctica's Southern Ocean. But if this circulation is sluggish and weak, warm tropical waters don't get moved up, and the north Atlantic cools. The AMOC's speed is determined by a delicate balance of salt and fresh water. Salty water is dense, so it sinks easily. But as Greenland's ice sheet and glaciers continue to melt, more fresh water is joining the AMOC's salty surface water, making it lighter and less likely to sink. That clogs up the circulation's flow . Prior research suggests that a change in the strength of water circulation in the Atlantic really does precede abrupt climate changes. By examining ice cores dated to Earth's last ice age, scientists have found that the AMOC alternates between two states — a strong "on" state, where the current system runs quickly, and a weak "off" state where that circulation decelerates.  "A shutdown of the AMOC is the easiest, most efficient way to disrupt the climate system," Francesco Muschitiello, a geographer specializing in paleoclimatology at the University of Cambridge told Insider, adding, "95% of time when we talk about rapid climate change, it's associated with AMOC." Still, Boers said, any cooling related to the AMOC wouldn't look like "The Day After Tomorrow" — it "would take a few decades," and North America "won't get as cold as the movie suggests." It would take at least a few hundred years for the AMOC to re-strengthen A small iceberg melting in southern Greenland. Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images In the past, when the AMOC reached a tipping point, the transition from strong to weak took a couple of decades, Boers said. But it takes much longer for the system to switch back. "It typically took a few hundred to a few thousand years for the AMOC to go back to the strong mode," he said, adding, "if the AMOC were to collapse to the weak mode at some point in the future, it would indeed be very hard to bring it back to the strong mode." According to the IPCC report, it's possible that the AMOC will experience an abrupt collapse by 2100. That collapse, the report authors said, could be triggered by an unexpected additional melted ice from the Greenland Ice Sheet, which has been thawing at an unprecedented rate. A 2019 study found the ice sheet was melting six times faster than it was 40 years ago.  It's unlikely, however, that the Greenland Ice Sheet will ever melt quickly enough to completely stop the AMOC.


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“They said we must register with the HSE as a site for every single kitchen that is used in our production,” she said. “We have people who makes sandwiches, bake cakes and make hot meals in their own kitchens and the HSE want all of them to register as a ‘site’. “The volunteers must be trained and their kitchens opened to regular inspections. There is huge cost implications in that. “We rely on a number of people and for me to say to them they have to jump through all of these hoops just to feed someone basics who is hungry is going to be a massive deterrent. “It is the single thing that could close us. “They also said we must have to handwashing facilities. We are just a table on the side of Grafton Street where we serve the food. Denise Carroll, who co-founded the Homeless Street Cafe with her mum Anne Carroll five years ago, said the HSE regulations could bring an end to their service (Yui Mok/PA)  “Some of these regulations are designed for the restaurant business and the food industry. They referred to us as a food business, but we are not. We are not a charity. We are a group of like-minded people who wanted to do something for people who are hungry, using our own resources.” Ms Carroll said she has been left “devastated” at the threat of closing their facility. The team has built up relationships with homeless people who visit them for food once a week. “I am angry and annoyed for the homeless. When we go tonight there will be queues waiting for us already,” Ms Carroll added. “Soup runs will all disappear if these heavy regulations are enforced.